Fun Science Experiments to Try at Home

Vision For It

Walking Water

Instructions: 1. Fill two cups with coloured water. 2. Place an empty cup between them. 3. Connect the cups with paper towels. 4. Watch as the water "walks" over the paper towels.

Materials: 3 cups, water, food colouring, paper towels

Invisible Ink

Instructions: 1. Dip the cotton swab in lemon juice and write a message on the paper. 2. Let it dry. 3. Hold the paper close to a lamp to reveal the hidden message.

Materials: Lemon juice, cotton swab, white paper, a lamp

Homemade Slime

Instructions: 1. Mix glue and food coloring in a bowl. 2. Add baking soda and stir. 3. Add contact lens solution and knead until slime forms.

Materials: Glue, baking soda, contact lens solution, food colouring

Density Tower

Instructions: 1. Add honey to a clear glass. 2. Slowly add dish soap. 3. Add colored water. 4. Add vegetable oil. 5. Add colored rubbing alcohol.

Materials: Honey, dish soap, water, vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, food colouring

Baking Soda Volcano

Instructions: 1. Place the container on a tray. 2. Add baking soda and food coloring to the container. 3. Pour in dish soap. 4. Slowly add vinegar and watch the eruption.

Materials: Baking soda, vinegar, food colouring, dish soap, a container

Remember to always follow safety guidelines when conducting experiments.

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