1. What are PEP 8 and its applications?
  2. What are the key features of Python?
  3. Distinguish between tuples and Lists
  4. What do you understand from PYTHONPATH?
  5. What are namespaces in Python?
  6. Explain inheritance in Python with an example
  7. What do *args and **kwargs indicates in Python?
  8. What do you think, Python is scripted or programming language?
  9. What are keywords in Python?
  10. What are iterators known as in Python?
  11. Explain Init
  12. What do you understand by NumPy
  13. What is Python decorator
  14. How range works in Python?
  15. What is the differentiation between picking and unpicking?
  16. Docstrings in Python. Explain
  17. What is a Python package?
  18. What is Python Module?
  19. Explain Type conversion in Python
  20. How memory is managed in Python?
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