What is the Scope of Educational Technology?

Education technology is the technology used in education and responsibility to make things more simple or easy. Education technology includes knowledge of new gadgets and hands-on practices day by day. The courses they offer by professors are of 1 or 2 days and no one is like that who doesn’t want to take part in it. The government also offers and pressurizes many citizens of India to be a part of it. There are so many courses the government offers for free to citizens of India. India is a developing country and as technology increases so there is a need to educate every citizen of India, and that will only be possible if people all over the country try to participate more and more. 

This is a very awesome course the government provides through many private companies like Tata consultancy services.

Importance of Educational Technology

  • The advancement includes technology that provides work-from-home facilities to more people. Now everything is possible for doing a job. If anyone wants work from home facility then easily he/she can get and can do their job from work from home also. 
  • There are so many freelancer jobs and very different projects based on different technologies. All the freelancers can bid on a project and easily after completion of that project submit it to whoever posts that project.
  • So many jobs like that which many children don’t know till now and this is really bad because for girls due to lack of gadgets provided by the parents they pressurize to do marriages at the age of till 25. And no one is there to understand their feelings and mind. So many platforms are available but still, children are less aware of them.
  • Government jobs are reducing because of the increase in these things. People must not make them lack from new things and try to participate more and more.
  • Now, internships are so many and everyone should participate there through Internshala but nontechnical students are lacking just because they do not belong to the technical field and lack knowledge. 
  • Personality development is very important nowadays because every child should know how to write and answer emails, make presentations and communicate with different children around us and this is really important. It also includes many different ways to make people understand and after giving the assessment we can get a certificate also. 
  • This course also includes the way to wear a dress and voice tone. The things we should change daily in our dressing. That will make us unhealthy and responsible for making us ill. 
  • New technology includes cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Embedded system, PCB designing, and many things which we use daily in our surroundings and these technologies are very important to know and understand.
  • Many of us are aware that due to an increase in these things jobs will decrease and robots will take the place of these jobs, that’s why people should take knowledge about these advancements. To make ourselves more encouraged we should keep ourselves updated and more social which will only be possible through these platforms. 
  • Many apprenticeships are open for making students experienced and more responsible and prepared for a government job. Government jobs also want experienced and responsible children for jobs.
  • People should make themselves ready to face these challenges in their day-to-day lives. 
  • Because according to demand we all should react and now the demand is for experienced candidates for government jobs. 
  • Now the competition is increasing and people are unable to make themselves prepared due to lack of facilities available for them. 


Due to a lack of knowledge and less surfing on the internet, people all over the world are less aware of these interesting and encouraging things. The government offers so many courses and quizzes to everyone but still, no one is participating regularly in these government sites. There are so many certificates the government is providing to citizens of this country. 

It totally depends on us. We should always try to become or make ourselves more regular on surfing on the internet and develop a habit of learning new topics every day from our surroundings. This is the only key to come to a path of success.

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