Which One is Best Among Online Classes vs Offline Classes?

Each one of us has faced the covid situation. It was worst from all the aspects and did affect everyone’s life in some or the other way whether it be Financially, mentally or physically. But what has it affected the most?. “THE EDUCATION SYSTEM”. The education system was one of the most affected systems during these tough times. Now the question is how was it really affected?. Due to the covid pandemic, it was essential for everyone to protect themselves. Due to the same it became vital to impose lockdowns and close all the physical classrooms.

Now the problem was that giving a break to the education system for 1-2 months didn’t seem much, but the covid situation worsened and then delaying classes for a long time didn’t seem a good idea. In this situation “ONLINE CLASSES” was the only option for us to choose. It did seem very enjoyable at first, but it was not a complete replacement though. Let’s look at both of them clearly to give a complete vision about both of them.

Online Education

Online education wasn’t really that unfamiliar to us, living in a world full of technology and development. Online education was definitely used by many individuals all across the globe, but was it used actively by everyone? Now that has to be a no. It doesn’t mean that online education was not useful, it definitely was very vital and helped us grow during this difficult time. Online as well as offline education have their own pros and cons. Let us see them more clearly.

Why Online Education?

1. Accessible 

Accessibility was one of the major reasons for implementing online education. Online education enables us to take education from any corner of the earth. Online education is useful due to the accessibility it has, one can take classes very easily. It also gives the facilities like recording as well as sharing for future references.

2. Affordability

In this generation of technology, computers each and everyone has a mobile phone or laptops available. Online education was affordable because all one needs is a computer or mobile phone to access the classes. Physical learning isn’t really that affordable sometimes considering the high expenses of transport, meals for students, etc. One can also be paperless and save the notes that are made available directly eliminating all the stationary expenses.

3. Efficient And Modernized Learning

Online education offers a very efficient as well as a modern method of learning. Students are often fantasized by color Full videos, PPT’s,mind maps and charts. Online education offers a pretty extensive lineup of modern education options. Traditional books are a little old fashioned sometimes and can seem pretty boring sometimes, online education can be a lifesaver if students enjoy Efficient learning. 

Why Offline Education?

1. Suitable To All The Age Groups

Offline education has been used by all of us since decades. Students with smaller age groups can face problems in coping with online education. Offline classes are a great option providing greater understanding as well as learning to the students. Developing deeper knowledge becomes easy in offline education due to face to face contact of the mentor and the tutee. 

2. Maintaining Of Discipline

Discipline is again very very vital to our lives. Students must learn discipline in an early stage of their growth. Offline education offers proper discipline and strictness to a student’s life. In addition to that being in an physical online class makes students more interactive which increases the understanding level of the students. Student teacher interaction is very vital in the educational system, offline education gives us the priority of the same. Students develop a greater understanding by interaction with the teachers. This significantly increases the development of the student making him more knowledgeable.

Online Classes vs Offline Classes

Now, we have got a clear idea about both the aspects clearly. The question really is, If one had to choose between anyone which should he choose?. Is online education more effective or offline education?. What really will give us greater understanding?.

Online education is a digitized system with new and amazing methods of learning whereas offline education is a traditional way of learning which some may find more effective for them. 

Online education is a cost friendly option while offline education does require a larger investment. Online education offers digital classrooms to students whereas offline education provides physical classrooms. Online education does not commit a serious and understanding education, students are less likely to pay attention, whereas offline education has a strict schedule and students have to follow the same.

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