The Importance of Writing Skills: Why It Matters For the Student

A vital skill that is taught in schools is writing. Sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, and other concepts are introduced once the English language is introduced to the alphabet and numbers. It goes without saying that every student should develop their writing abilities. It is a means of communication essential for both professions and education.

Students can benefit greatly from developing their English writing abilities in school. An effective employment skill that one must possess is this widely used communication style. Regardless of the field one selects, one must be able to communicate their ideas through writing.

The school curricula are created in a way that encourages pupils’ writing abilities. English writing proficiency for students is crucial for the following reasons, in addition to being a requirement for success in the workplace.


Writing is a way to express oneself and assess oneself. Writing in the forms and media of poetry, prose, stories, journals, and novels enables people to reflect on their most private ideas. Writing can be a hobby or a getaway for students who are immersed in rigorous studies and need time. This aids them in understanding and verbalising their thoughts. Students’ writing abilities are enhanced personally when they master the art of expression.

Essential to academic success

Today’s academic curricula strongly emphasise enabling students to communicate what they have learned and apply it in real-world situations. As a result, the foundation of students’ education is writing. Schools and universities prioritise assigning writing tasks like research papers, essays, reports, presentations, etc. to support the same. With these tasks and assessments, the curriculum improves every academic year, and the writing abilities do as well.

Aids in making a career decision

Writing is so ingrained in the academic curriculum that it allows pupils the possibility to consider possible careers in writing. Students can concentrate on developing their writing abilities in class and prepare for a career as a professional writer. Based on their proficiency in English writing, students can choose from a wide range of writing genres, including narrative, argumentative, research-based, creative, etc.

Writing and reading comprehension go hand in hand

Students frequently have strong writing abilities but weak speaking abilities. In such instances, proficiency in speaking, writing and reading English go hand in hand. Students’ brains are stimulated, their imaginations are sparked, and they gain more knowledge when they read enough. They have more material to write about as a result. It improves their ability to communicate their ideas, which is a crucial skill in speaking because kids develop the habit of writing due to their reading. Therefore, using all three communication methods together helps children develop healthily.

Aids in concept drafting

Writing abilities are important regardless of the extent of the results. You can use it to take notes during a lecture, online workshop, or work meeting, or you can use it to create an outline of the concept you want to communicate. Numerous steps are involved in writing. It is equally crucial at the stages of ideation and brainstorming as it is during the conclusion.

Writing abilities are also helpful in performing well on English proficiency exams like PTE Academic, which aids students in getting into the top universities worldwide. For objectives other than obtaining good results, pupils should learn how to write. Some pupils write naturally, whereas others don’t. Worrying about it is unnecessary because it can be learned with consistent practice and reliable study resources.

Students who want to improve their English writing abilities might utilise Pearson K-12 as a resource. It has extremely interesting information and is tailored to the curricula of the CBSE, ICSE, State, and International Boards. Thus, pupils can practise writing without deviating from their academic curriculum. Students who can write well become more focused and become more eloquent. It is ideal for cultivating this quality early on in school because it is one that they carry with them throughout their lives.


Writing is a talent intentionally taught in all of today’s schools because, as a student, you must have heard it mentioned multiple times. To be honest, I can understand why you might still find it hard to trust. You are unaware of its significance, though! You shouldn’t think of the essays you write as a form of punishment given by your lecturers to frustrate you unnecessarily. The fact that writing can boost kids’ self-esteem and even a sense of accomplishment is one of the least significant reasons writing is vital.

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