Who Invented School?

In our modern era, everyone’s life is complete with getting a proper education. It became a basic need for humans, like food, water, clothes, and shelter, and it is a proud moment, to be honest. Our days start with school, college, university, or office. Education is a light that shows us a way to understand the world. It helps us learn things. It makes us understand the importance of various aspects of our life. We learn eclectic skills through education. It makes our life exciting and knowledgeable. We get to know people because of proper education. We see the intention behind a person’s behavior when we know about this society. We experience both good and evil and understand right and wrong. We appreciate our responsibilities, and we learn to respect others. We learn new languages and many more. Education makes a difference, and it is a change. A change that helps us evolve and sustain in this society. Education is the key to success. We upgrade ourselves when we are capable enough to stand on our feet. We also learn the ways to earn money because of education. A well-educated person knows how to act in a particular situation, and when most of us know how to work & control a case, there won’t be any problem for anyone. It also helps us achieve our goals and dreams.

But how to get educated? There are many ways to get educated in this modern era. We have many people following many ways to learn skills to help them achieve their goals. Getting educated means something other than going to schools or colleges daily. It means to gain knowledge about various things in our life. However, school is one of the most valued and practiced customs in most countries, and it is a topic to discuss.

What is a School?

Most of us attend a school or might have done schooling, but what exactly is a school? With the evolving time, there are many changes in the understanding of the school. The standard definition of expressing our knowledge concerning all the eras will be, Yes, as most of you already know, it’s a place where a group of peers learns together under a knowledgeable teacher. Nowadays, it usually means a set of teachers from an organization providing education to the students joined with them. However, it was a little different back in ancient times compared with the present.

Who Invented School?

By the way, we now know what education and school mean, but who invented the school? Most of us dislike the person (Nevermind, jokes are apart). But we should indeed be thankful for that. Cause they made a change, an adequate difference in society that can change the life of many children, including us.

When we look back the time, there was a system called schooling in many countries in many different ways for centuries. Some of them include India, Egypt, China, Greece, etc. In India, it was mainly for the kids of royal teachers and the heirs of the royal family. There are ordinary people, too, but very few of them. It’s a similar case with many other countries too, where the kids from prominent families go to schools to learn for their future use. They learn maths, science, geography, history, and martial arts using weapons like swords, bows, etc. The most significant disadvantage was that only a few could have the capability to obtain this education back in ancient times. And only boys could get this opportunity. There was a gender bias at that time, which is quite different from the modern era.

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But when it comes to who invented the school, Sir Horace Mann was the first person to fight to get the right to get an education for all students without any class, color, or gender bias. It was back in the 18th century. He significantly changed the education system to provide education to many children without considering any particular preference. However, it only came into a sound effect in the early 20th century. Due to his significant impact and work on providing education, today he is known as the father of Modern Education and an inventor of the concept of school in the modern era.

Back then, schooling was like an individual teacher teaching an individual student about a particular concept. But with time, people realized that it’s better if an expert teaches many students at a time rather than individually. In the last few centuries, most ordinary people didn’t go for any schooling. All the skills they need to learn to survive their parents. Or, in a few cases, a person with expertise in a particular thing. These changes made a tremendous difference in the modern era that evolved our lifestyle.

Catherine Beecher, an American educator, was one of the first to fight for her opinions to get female kids to get educated and even make others educated in the early 19th century. She stood for her values and helped many girls get their education rights, and she was a school teacher. She is even a co-founder of the Hartford Female Seminary. Finding the female seminary aims to help girls and women be mothers and teachers. The primary goal is to build a moral education in females. She accomplished her goals and earned a high reputation for herself.

A black girl named Ruby Bridges was the first to join South America’s full-white Willian Frantc Elementary School.

In modern education, everything is evolving. Increasing technology has become easy for students to learn skills and gain knowledge. In the present era, there is a digitalization of schooling programs to improve education and make children readily understand things. They know stuff through Youtube videos. Quite an improvement in the decades. Nowadays, kids go to school and learn something without bias, and many people are taught to fight for their rights and accomplish their education rights. Nowadays, many kids need help understanding the importance of schooling, but it is one of the best memories and the basis of your career. So always remember the schooling system and learn new skills daily with the help of your teachers, parents, and friends.

Now hope your curiosity was evident. Enjoy your schooling!

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