So we all know we have a lot of hard skills through college, work, and online courses. Whether it is excel, commerce, engineering, marketing, or sales but as someone who has spent 20 plus years in the industry Whether working for a company or building their own or if you talk to any person who is at a senior posting doing a corporate job they will tell you that undisputedly, the thing that helps you advance in your career is soft skills. What you know as hard skills are almost taken for granted, but if you do not have soft skills in communication, listening skills, negotiation, and writing, then you will not be able to advance, and you will not be able to lead teams, you will not be able to work with people, you will not be able to make people work you will not be able to be a part of the team, and all of your hard skills will be useless.

And if I start to talk about some of the soft skills that I find very important so here it starts from-First of all not surprisingly “time management” I do think that time management is the most important soft skill in life because if you do not have time there you will get an opportunity to do anything, not the intent to do it or even the motivation for it.

Secondly, “communication skills” communication skills are necessary and absolutely critical for your success whatever you know but if you cannot communicate, it is useless. If you cannot present your ideas if you cannot listen to other people’s feedback and that is why communication skills is the bedrock of soft skills. The other course is on “storytelling” storytelling helps us understand things easily and remember them in better ways.

Most of us wonder when it comes to finding jobs and how to use networks. How to present yourself? Here comes a course that can help you very well “the complete resume LinkedIn course” it does sound like a complex skill but there are many softer aspects embedded in it, so when we write a resume we can make it in 2 ways one is the approach through hard skills. And Another is a softer aspect, which is about connecting the job I’m applying for with my resume.

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Influencing and persuading” you have to influence someone at every point in your life, whether it is negotiation or you are trying to influence your manager, or your team members to follow a certain path. If you learn the skills of influencing and persuasion means you have your way of getting your point across in a manner that people do not feel you are imposing your choice on them.

  • Critical thinking” is very important because we are often given some work and we take that work like donkeys and just start working on it. We should take a pause and think about why this work is assigned to us. Critical doesn’t mean finding faults in it it means that you are putting pressure on yourself for you to think deeply about something.
  • Ask better questions” when we ask good and relevant questions we take a step forward. If you are a good question seeker you will actually get to better solutions and better problems.
  • Write better emails” if you do not know how to write good emails then you really don’t know an important soft skill in life. A lot of times so many opportunities get created because you write an email to a person who doesn’t know you. It can open up a whole new world of possibilities for Everyone.
  • Interview training” is not about giving interviews but taking interviews. Asking good questions to judge a person so you can judge their skills you can get to know how a person is.
  • The power is deep listening” if you want to be a good leader then you will have to learn the skill of deep listening because till the time you don’t listen to a person and don’t understand the purpose of listening not to answer but to understand. You are listening to a person to understand what they are saying not just to reply to whatever you are listening to. And when you get to the point people like you feel they’re talking to the right person.
  • Emotional intelligence work” everything boils down to Emotions. People who work in a company people are not data points on an excel sheet, they’re humans they have feelings they have Emotions. It is very important for you to understand and recognize their Emotions, especially as a leader, and equally important as a colleague because till the time you do not have the Emotional intelligence to understand other’s emotions you will not be able to understand your own emotions and everything will become just robotic and at some point of time it will stop working.

Note:- There are a lot of courses nowadays that will help you with many more soft skills and help you understand them very well.

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